Century Paper

Century Paper & Board Mills Limited (Century) is the largest integrated Pulp and Paperboard unit of the country with installed capacity of 240,000 M. Tons per year (TPY) and gross sales of PKR 16.00 Billion during FY2015-16 The plant is located on 162 Acers facing National Highway (N-5) near the major industrial city of the Country, Lahore. The Company is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and has been assigned a long term entity rating of A+ by JCR-VIS.

Century’s production facilities comprises of seven production lines backed by Pulp Mills for Indigenous Straw Pulp, a complete Corrugated Carton Unit and Captive Power/Steam Generation facilities. It’s most recent addition, a state-of-the-art multi-layer Coated Packaging Board Machine with annual capacity of 130,000 tons is one of its kind in the region.

Century enjoys position as market leader in packaging Boards which are used for offset printing of folding cartons of various FMCGCs, Pharmaceuticals, Confectionery, etc and substituting imports from various parts of the world.

The Company is certified for “Integrated Management System” encompassing “Quality Management System”, “Environmental Management System” and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series. Owing to its commitment for environment, the Century is pioneer for installing Dissolved Air Flotation Primary Plant and has recently added a Secondary Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Website: www.centurypaper.com.pk