For the past 40 years, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has been driving the wheels of the nations economy. Acknowledged as the leading public sector company of Pakistan, PSO has been enabling millions of journeys across air, land and sea with its innovative fueling products and services.

With 9 installations and 23 depots spanning across the country PSO has the largest storage capability amongst all OMCs in Pakistan. The storage facilities are complemented with the most efficient product movement systems which include a fleet of over 8,000 tank lorries, railway transmission through tank wagons and pipelines. By ensuring timely distribution of fuel at locations across Pakistan, PSO ensures that the wheels of the nation’s economy stay in motion.

PSO is a distinctive national icon that touches the lives of millions of people each day. With a nationwide presence spanning from Nagarparkar to Sost, PSO has the largest retail network of any OMC in the country with 3500 retail outlets and a footfall of 3 million customers on a daily basis.

Being the pioneer in fuel cards, PSO has introduced an array of fuel cards for the convenience of its customers and is now introducing other technologies. PSO is also the first to introduce high quality fuels at its retail outlets.

Going beyond fuel for its retail customers, PSO has also introduced Shop Stops, installed ATMs and established quick service restaurants on the retail outlets to offer convenience and flexibility to our customers.

PSO is committed to excellence in every sphere of its operations. The company strives to conform to global best practices, business ethics and operational standards and invests in state of the art facilities and technologies. PSO is proud to be the nation’s lifeline, ensuring uninterrupted supply of fuel round the clock and committed to taking the nation to greater heights with hard work and dedication.

PSO – Every journey begins here.