About CFO Conference

13 years ago, PAIB Committee of ICAP took the initiative of reaching out to Institute’s members in industry and providing them with a platform to discuss, debate and seek pragmatic solutions of emerging business and finance issues. The platform, termed as CFO Conference, turned out to be one of the flagship events of the institute. To date, 23 CFO Conferences have been held across the country with participation of over 9,000 members, business leaders and finance professionals.

The Conferences continue to be the most sought-after platform for professionals to share expertise, build knowledge and network. The distinctive themes, relevant topics, eminent speakers and enthusiastic participants are the hallmark of the continued success of CFO Conferences. The Institute has also organized two Middle East CFO Conferences in Dubai in 2015 and 2016.


Who Should Attend?

  • Enterprises: Inclined toward learning contemporary changes in corporate world or keen to get awareness regarding future business trends and role of professionals to combat these changes.
  • Entrepreneur or Opportunist: Seeking to grow, network and connect industry representatives from around the world to gain specific professional’s recommendations and knowledge.
  • Professionals and Individuals: Looking for networking and learning opportunity by meeting fellow professionals, consisting of local and international corporate leaders and luminaries from Finance and Economics fields.