Danny Khursigara


Founder & CEO, FreedomOne International

Danny Khursigara is the CEO of FreedomOne International that specialises in Executive Coaching, training and business transformation.
He is the award winning co-author of Road to Success and Inside/Out - 8 Success Keys to Help Millennials Thrive, TEDx presenter and co-producer of Soul of Success.
Danny has been a career banker with over 19 years of multicultural experience in capacities of COO & CFO for Fortune 500 banking institutions across several key locations in Asia Pacific.
He was selected as TOP 100 Authority by Influence Magazine for 2017 as one of Asia’s highly sought after Success Coaches.
His expertise lies in helping C-SUITE Corporate leaders in multicultural environments who are struggling with feeling isolated, misunderstood and facing cultural and business challenges on how to create a cohesive peak performance work culture by winning hearts & minds of a team that shares a common vision and consistently delivers excellence. He has helped hundreds of individuals & organisations create breakthroughs in both business and life as both are intertwined.