HBL Asset Management (HBL AM)

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For future planning and making a right investment decision don’t look any further than HBL Asset Management (HBL AM), a wholly owned subsidiary of HBL Bank.  With the AM2+ rating by JCR-VIS, HBL AM has a whole range of attractive investment products, from mutual funds to pension schemes and investment plans, to suit your needs. You will not only earn competitive returns on your investment but will also get significant tax benefit as per current tax laws. Shariah Compliant funds and an Islamic Pension Scheme is also available to help you earn halal profit.
By investing with HBL AM, you will benefit from our extensive experience and proven investment approach to achieve your investment objectives.
·         Make up to 20% of your income tax-free by investing in Pension Funds. In addition, save up to Rs 500,000 by investing in Mutual Funds*
·         Earn Profit on daily basis
·         You can withdraw your investment and profits at any time
·         Attractive returns compared to traditional investment schemes
·         Diversified portfolios and access to all segments of capital markets
·         Riba-free investment options available
·         Zero Load on Redemption Amount

Website: https://hblasset.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HBLFunds/
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