Al Meezan Investment Management Limited

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Al Meezan Investments has a vision: To make Shariah Compliant Investing a first choice for investors.  Having a diverse clientele base of over 93,000 investors, ranging from institutions and businesses to individuals and High Net Worth clients, we offer investment solutions, mutual funds and investment advisory services which are catering to specific needs of each of our customers.
As the largest  Shariah Compliant Fund Manager* in Pakistan, we offer a comprehensive range of Shariah compliant investment solutions. With an impressive track record of over 23 years, we cherish the status of being the only company in Pakistan with the sole mandate to provide Shariah complaint investment solutions to our valued clients.
Our aim is to “innovate and consistently perform”, thereby facilitating investors in achieving their financial objectives in a Shariah compliant manner. Our philosophy is based on our 5 Core Values Shariah Compliance, Ethical Standards, Professional Excellence, Service Excellence & Social Responsibility which enables us to perform in harmony with our mission to establish Al Meezan as a leading and trusted brand for savings and investments.

As the largest Shariah Compliant Fund Manager* in Pakistan, Al Meezan offers a diverse range of Shariah compliant investment solutions ranging from equity, balanced, asset allocation,  fixed  income, money market, capital preservation, fund of fund, commodity and voluntary pension schemes.  Depending on each investor’s need, we provide expert guidance to them to achieve their financial objectives.
Our Separately Managed Accounts, popularly known as SMAs, offer Clients a relatively customized option to Portfolio structuring and Investment Management. Under this Investment Advisory service, we offer our esteemed clients with a cost effective solution to draft their own portfolio objectives and requirements, all the while, providing expert guidance and suggestions on how to achieve their investment objective.